天海花边光伏发电项目正式启用 Tianhai Lace Photovoltaic System is put into formal use


The solar power project has been put into service since Oct 1st this year. The whole project contains 5340 pieces mono-silicone solar panel, total capacity up to 1800KW, could generate 1.8 million KWH electricity per year on average.


In Oct, the first month of formal operation, the project has produced electricity up to 172,000 KWH.



When Tianhai is on break, all power generated will be fed to supply city power grid, keep contributing to the clean-energy cause.


  • 每年可节约标准煤550吨;
  • 每年减少二氧化碳排放1465吨;
  • 每年减少硫氧化物排放11吨;
  • 每年减少氮氧化物排放78吨。

Specifically, compare to thermal power, generating 1.8 million KWH by solar means:

  • Saves 550 tons of coal per year;
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 1465 tons per year;
  • Reduces Sulfur Oxides emissions by 11 tons per year;
  • Reduces Nitrogen Oxides emissions by 3.78 tons per year.


When comes to be environmental friendly, Tianhai does more than just talk.

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